The Incline: A Love Affair

The Incline: A Love Affair


Manitou Incline in Manitou, Colorado is an iconic piece of terrain in the Pikes Peak Region of southern Colorado. The first time you lay eyes on it from your first flight or drive into town you see this open scar or natural terrain like zipper that shoots straight into the sky, for almost a mile,… Read more »

2015 Leadville 100: Lessons Learned/Notes


So what I put together here is basically a collection of notes or lessons learned from the 2015 Leadville 100. The grammar is AWFUL. These notes I tried to put into coherent sentences as much as possible. I persevered and finished under 30 hours last year but it took every ounce of me physically and… Read more »

Sheep Mountain: From DFL to ADFL (Almost DFL)

big sheep

CAUTION: MOST OF THIS WAS WRITTEN SLEEP DEPRIVED AND I AM ALSO PART CAVEMAN (I.E. MY GRAMMAR IS NOT ON PAR WITH MY RUNNING) BE WARNED!      As any good story goes no kidding there I was, once again in July I ventured off the beaten path to this small town of FairPlay, Colorado to run the… Read more »

Hats and Socks and Hats


So one of the biggest struggles, besides getting out of bed, as an “athlete” is coping with an injury. I had a minor surgery two weeks ago and it really took a little out of me. My issue was I could run until the stitches healed or were absorbed by the body, NOMNOM. So that… Read more »

All American Marathon


So this is some new and exciting news for Thumbs Up Runners (TUR) and myself as a TUR. I have been chosen from a field of 13.4 million (rough estimate by me) people to represent them as an Ambassador for the Fayetteville and Fort Bragg All American Marathon. Anytime you are chosen as an Ambassador… Read more »

Leadville Marathon 18 June 2016


I wanted to take a couple minutes and first explore this new blog and check out how it can help Thumbs Up Runners (TUR) but also how I can share ideas and stories about races I ran. In this case we are going to talk about the Leadville Marathon. For my Blog format I am… Read more »