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So this is some new and exciting news for Thumbs Up Runners (TUR) and myself as a TUR. I have been chosen from a field of 13.4 million (rough estimate by me) people to represent them as an Ambassador for the Fayetteville and Fort Bragg All American Marathon. Anytime you are chosen as an Ambassador it is a privilege and honor. This being my first time and me being a veteran makes it all the more special. I used to live in NC and work at Fort Bragg for 6 years, until 2012 when I moved to God’s Country (Colorado). I still own two houses there, hopefully soon to be one, and I still have a lot of connections to the community. Oh yes my wife lives there so that is a great thing for me to come home. But really this is about the runners and people out there who maybe haven’t heard about this great challenging race. It is about getting runners out of the house, showing up to the start line, and putting that left foot in front of the right foot. Running when you can and walking when you can’t. So this is an exciting message for me to carry to those out there who aren’t elite athletes (I am far from elite) and those out there looking for their next adventure or looking to change their life. This is a first step and an excellent venue to do it.

Now you say you want more proof this is a great race? Well just rest assured that they have some awesome swag out there and medals for you enthusiasts that like to collect those moments and keepsakes from their races. I know I like to collect mine……just need to do something besides let them sit on a shelf! But the two medals above are some excellent ideas of the work that the whole team puts in to make this a awesome experience. Nothing is worse than putting in a great effort only to get a pat on the back at the end. I know it shouldn’t be all about the medal but if that is what motivates you to hit the road or the trail then make it about that medal. No one should judge. In previous years I have seen other great items from this race like glasses and bags. Anyone who has ever run a LONG (over 50 miles) trail race knows the importance of a good drop bag!

fayet medal 1fayet medal 2

As you can see in the map, and you can get the PDF, the race course is a beautiful course and one that starts in downtown and runs to Fort Bragg. One of the few races out there that gives you that ability to run thru a military base. Now this just isn’t any military base this is one of the largest in the world and home to the 82nd Airborne and multiple Special Operations units. This base is sprawling with beautiful scenery and statues. You will run down famous streets that the 82nd Airborne has answered the call and defended our country. You truly get a patriotic and honored feeling running along these famous pathways so many have run down before.

fayet map

Well that about wraps up my All American Speech, lol. I wish you all the best. I am off to a 50+ Mile weekend, I will be running the Sheep Mountain 50. We will see how this old body holds up after a minor surgery two weeks but if my goal is anything it is to push myself as far as I can and finish. Run when I can and walk when I can’t. I hope you all are interested in the All American Marathon and hope to see you on the course!

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