Hats and Socks and Hats

So one of the biggest struggles, besides getting out of bed, as an “athlete” is coping with an injury. I had a minor surgery two weeks ago and it really took a little out of me. My issue was I could run until the stitches healed or were absorbed by the body, NOMNOM. So that gave me a lot of time to work on some of the Thumbs Up Runners Unique merchandise. k (along with the black) from a lot of viewers, fans, and friends who were able to cast a vote, ballot, or selection. Personally I love the RWB Hat and haven’t taken mine off in two days since the order arrived. So the past couple days I had been looking at these orders and looking at marketing and trying to figure out if the hat drives people to Thumbs Up Runners or is the hat a stand-alone piece that we build a site to drive people to the Hats? Well BOCO Gear did an awesome job on them so it is hard to say if it is a standalone piece as I don’t want to be a designer or a fashion expert. So it is safe to say this will be a piece of our future and it will be used to help market and used to help promote but also we will come up with other unique designs and logos ideas to keep things fresh and incorporate the views of our followers. When it comes down to it I don’t make the hats for me to wear around the house or out on the trails of Colorado Springs. I make the hats so you the runner can wear them out and about. Just like the socks that are below and are still being developed.

The Socks are being done with a couple partners right now and we are trying to perfect the right sock for the athlete and the active person. We are also exploring several ideas like the pink sock for example. Something near and dear to all of us is Cancer and how it affects us, our loved ones, and even our pets. It is a nasty thing that we have to fight thru and fight for a cause. My thoughts for the pink socks are to donate all the profits but 1$ and Shipping to the American Cancer Association on behalf of Thumbs Up Runners. I think it is a worthy cause and something we really want to work on. So let’s do the math, and this is all hypothetical, if a sock costs 10$ I sell for 20$ and shipping is 5$ then you see 9$ goes to the American Cancer Association. Just one of the thoughts I had while laying around the house and would love to hear your thoughts on that. Other ideas and interests of Thumbs Up Runners are tackling childhood obesity, taking care of our Veterans, and also looking out for those lots, abandoned, and stray pets.

So the past two weeks have got me socially say on all the forms of media. I have a renewed interest in our products but more tying them to a goal or a greater cause than just the company. I have also seen a growth in our followers and please if you aren’t following us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Google + then look us up Thumbs Up Runners or #Thumbsuprunners and also visit our vastly changing and ever growing webpage. WWW.Thumbsuprunners.com



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