Pearl Izumi and the Runners they left behind.

Pearl Izumi and the Runners they left behind.

   So like any runner alone on the trails you make friends and talk about things runners talk about Shoes, Poles, Clothing, fuel, food and beer. Those bonds grow and materialize into friends taking care of friends, or so that is my story and introduction to very brief introduction with Pearl Izumi. Well I met this runner who had connections with Pearl Izumi and wanted to get me a pair of shoes to try out at one of my upcoming races. I told them that if I liked the shoes, during testing,  I would possibly wear them at some point during the Leadville 100 trail race. Well when push came to shove I was running the last 25 miles of the Leadville 100 in a brand spanking new pair of Pearl Izumi M2’s. So this is how I got there and how I fell in love for a quick minute to be left at the altar by Pearl Izumi who in one statement stated their demands as being greater than the consumer.

So Wednesday of last week, the week leading up to the Leadville 100 or in my view the Super Bowl of Running, there was a pair of Pearl Izumi M2 Trail shoes delivered to my front door. Before I had a chance to even take these shoes for a spin around the block there some sad and disturbing news that hit the wire, Thursday, about Pearl Izumi. It appears that Pearl Izumi was discontinuing their trail running products and focusing their efforts on Cycling. It was to late I was committed so on Friday, in Leadville,  I took the shoes out anyway for a nice 4-5 mile romp to get my legs going and to see if these shoes could support me in the Leadville 100 starting the next morning. It was a very wild and dynamic week for anyone in and around Pearl Izumi but extremely sad for my friend who now was looking for a job. Some of the thoughts that raced thru my head included the typical why. Why would they put so much effort into a product to only walk away a couple years later. There had to be more to the story, which I am not going to look into here sorry. But it really provides you some good thoughts for a nice 100 mile run! Maybe it will be like new Coke and maybe there will be a change of heart but I won’t hold my breath and don’t recommend you doing that either.

On the ‘inbound journey’ of the Leadville 100, after spending 8 hours going up and over Hopes Pass twice, I was sitting at the Twin Lakes Aid Station and went thru my planned shoe change. I switched to the new Brooks Cascade 2189 Scott Jurek special edition/tribute shoes, from his famed Appalachian Trail journey. My plan was to wear these shoes until I finished the race some 40 miles later. I started the race in a pair of Hoka’s from the start to twin lakes. So this was just another change for me to keep things fresh based on my feet and the terrain. However, after about 15 miles i had enough of the Brooks Cascadias because they were rubbing my feet wrong and I was beginning to get some hot spots on the bottom of my feet and some discomfort on the top of my feet. Bottom line was I wasn’t feeling it and if you have any mental doubts then you need to act reasonably quick. It had reduced me to not a lot of running so I was done and my decision was made. At the Outward bound Aid Station I asked my crew for my trusty Hoka’s but my crew said they were wet and not ready. So they brought me back my emergency pair of shoes, my Pearl Izumi M2 trail shoes. There began my quick affair with the M2.

The Pearl Izumi running line has been around for about 13 years now and you could say it has taken them 13 years to narrow down to a quality product, but I won’t say that because I didn’t wear them the previous 13 years. I will say I am new to their shoes but quite familiar with their very good product and clothing lines. They are renowned for their quality clothing and I have used their warm arm sleeves for some time now, specifically during 2 Leadville 100’s. Their tights, pants, and shorts can also been seen all over the running trails and courses as they are a very popular choice among men and women. Inside Pearl Izumi the running section made up about 12% of the company sales and effort. You could argue they were never vested into the running scene which is funny since the company is based in Louisville, Colorado close to thousands of trails and famous road and trail races. But i won’t make that argument because in the past couple years they made significant strides, no pun, and had some all-star ambassadors and athletes representing their company and really bringing it to the front of the running community, especially the trail running community. There are over 20 competitive running shoe companies that cater to the road and trail. Maybe this was one of the areas they felt hindered their ability to gain ground on some of the larger companies. I would say though, smaller companies do put out some great products and can compete at a smaller scale with the large Nike or Adidas behemoths. I would rather wear a sack of rice on each foot than a pair of Nike shoes, but that is my personal opinion.

As I closed in on the finish and 25 miles of shoe testing my Pearl Izumi M2’s, I realized my feet felt amazing. I was hurting in plenty of other places like my knees, hips, and back which all spelled HOPES PASS, but my feet were in superior comfort mode. I didn’t have a single blister on my feet. My feet were able to expand in the wide shoe box and have some space for comfort without sliding around like they were to big. I also had a bruised toe nail from earlier in the race that was able to relax and not sustain additional pain thanks to the extremely soft feel of the M2. The tread was equally as pleasant and felt like I had a rock guard in the shoe somewhere because little rocks were not bother the bottoms of my feet. I was happy my crew had found these shoes in my emergency box and super pleased at the performance of these shoes up andover power line to the finish! However it was a short lived enjoyment because as I sat back I realized these shoes were going away. I debated not even writing this piece because who cares right? Well maybe it does reach one person and they realize that maybe making the shoe they thought wasn’t right was really right for a couple of people and that the value of the dollar at the end of the day isn’t the only driving force in life.


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